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Knockdown Drywall Texture Repair

made quick & easy.

Having problems finding just the right way to patch your knockdown drywall texture? Tired of those products that make big claims, don’t work, make a mess, and have you squinting to read the 78-step direction sheet? Look no further, Matey. The Pirate Patch, brought to you by our Pirate RiRy, is the fastest (6 Simple Steps), easiest, and most cost-effective way to repair your drywall texture. If you can spread butter on your toast, you can use the Pirate Patch. If you struggle with butter, try jelly on your toast. It tastes better, and you can still use the Pirate Patch! See what Pirate Patch fans have to say.

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How Pirate Patch Works - It's So Fast And Easy! Watch our demo video

  • Patch area where damage has occured, leaving a smooth finish.

  • Tape Pirate Patch stencil centered over area you wish to texture.

  • With a putty knife, spread drywall mud throughout stencil. Remove excess.

  • Remove Pirate Patch.

  • Allow time to dry.

  • Once dry, paint over the drywall damage and enjoy the time you saved!

Why use Pirate Patch?

Pirate Patch is fast and easy (only 6 steps), and you don’t need to have a PHD to translate the directions. It is safe for the environment (no aerosol spray) and cost-effective. For the same cost of competing products that only work one time, you can clean and save your Pirate Patch for multiple uses. The finished product is comparable to the work of a professional drywall contractor but at a fraction of the cost.(US Pat D663,769)

Our Customers Love Us!

“What an amazing tool! Just place the tool on the wall, spread the drywall compound and wa-la! No more texture in can all over the place, masking time and materials and guessing when to knock it down..... This is a must purchase for small drywall repairs!”
Wayne Wright, Colorado